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Meyn TDS Thigh Deboner M1.0

Meyn TDS thigh deboner separates the thighbone including the kneecap from the fillet, and the oyster muscle remains firmly attached. As an option, the machine can be fitted with an integrated deskinning module to produce skinless fillets.
Operation Meyn TDS thigh deboner
The thighs are supplied in crates or cartons, or separated on a conveyor belt directly from the cut up line. Between two and four loading operators (depending on machine capacity) load the thighs on the product holders, which pass by in front of them. The product holder then takes the thighs through a sequence of automated deboning steps:

  • The thigh is fixated.
  • The rotating ring shaped blade detaches the oyster attachment.
  • The pre-scraping units slightly pushes the fillet downwards. The optional deskinner can remove the skin from the fillet.
  • The thigh meat is scraped in a downwards motion.
  • The ring-shaped cutting blade will cut the fillet loose from the knee joint.
  • The processed thigh fillet is discharged automatically.
  • Finally, the thigh bone is removed from the product holder and the product holder is ready for a new cycle.
  • An optional inspection table can be added to complete the setup. Depending on end product requirements and machine capacity, two to six people are required for trimming.

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TDS M1.0
up to 7200 bphh
4000 kg