About us

DROBTECH produces new equipment for the poultry industry. Our professional staff helped us specialize and gain huge experience in the production of machinery and components for the poultry industry.

We also offer a comprehensive slaughterhouse furnishing services. Drobtech offer includes slaughter, evisceration and cut up process lines to suit every poultry type. We have business partners both in the West as well as in the East, which serves to prove high quality of our equipment and the services we offer, which are of no less standard than those offered in the Western Europe.

This particularly includes:

  • poultry (chicken, turkey) slaughtering equipment
  • evisceration
  • cut up systems
  • cone deboning lines
  • feather presses
  • offal pumps

In order to meet customer expectations and today’s challenges we improve our production every day by introducing new process solutions. We work with designs made by our specialist or with customer provided designs. Our team will help you connect our products into full process lines and utilize present facilities effectively depending on your capabilities and your needs.