Maja ESB 4434/1GH skinner

The Poultry Skinning Machine MAJA ESB 4434/1 GH is suitable for the safe automatic skinning of fresh poultry parts by infeed conveyor belt. It offers the following advantages:

- For perfect skinning of poultry parts with excellent yield.
- Versatile use, for removing the skin of different parts of chicken and turkey, coming either from dry or wet chilling.
- Gentle skinning process, without damages to the sensitive poultry meat and the skin for increased product quality.
- Maximum operator safety by automatic skinning through infeed conveyor belt
- MAJA Skinning Machine in accordance with current CE regulations.
- This machine range is labeled with the GS seal of approval for safety, tested by the German recognized body BGN

Wide application range

For automatic skinning of fresh poultry cuts coming from  wet chilling, e.g.:

- Chicken breast
- Chicken carcass (with bones)
- Chicken thigh, chicken drumstick, complete chicken leg
- Turkey thigh
- Turkey breast

Maximum yield

- The combination of transport roller with special tooth-shape, flexible pressure unit, spring-loaded knife holder and the MAJA poultry skinning knife help to maximize the yield.
- Thus excellent skinning result and maximum yield, as the skin is always removed in a clean way without any meat residuals. Thus increased profit!

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ESB 4434/1GH
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