Beam plucker


The plucker is designed to form part of the killing line. A killing line consists of various
machines, each of which plays a part in the killing process. The birds are transported
through the machines by means of an overhead conveyor. Each machine operates independently
and contributes to the delivery of a clean product, prepared for the evisceration
and further processing.

The plucker is designed to achieve the following:

  • To remove all the feathers from the chicken.
  • To remove the skin when scalding is used (hard scalding)
  • To ensure that the skin of the bird is not damaged.
  • To ensure that no part of the bird is broken or damaged.


US3-60 - 6 x 10 discs per bank, 6 separate banks in total 720 plucking fingers


up to 2500 birds per hour

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