Automac 55 Piu

Automatic stretch packaging machine, Automac 55 Più provides the best performance in terms of reliability, speed (up to 55 ppm, with parameter adjustable according to the specific requests of the production) and appearance of the packaged product, fitting perfectly in the packaging centers of fresh food which require high hourly productivity.

The speed adjustment allows the machine to adapt to various types of products, moreover, if the trays are not present on the power supply or arrive intermittently, the machine automatically stops all movements, remaining waiting. This drastically reduces electricity consumption and mechanical wear to a minimum, allowing you to reduce consumption and maintenance, also safeguarding the environment.

Automac 55 Più packages any food compatible with stretch technology using stretch films in neutral or printed form [link to stretch film page]: white and red meat, pork, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables…The use of printed films helps to improve or enhance the appearance of packaged foods, thus helping to make them more inviting once exposed in the store.

Thanks to Fabbri Group’s historical experience in the production of both packaging machines and food films, Automac 55 Più provides maximum results in combination with Fabbri Group films, but can boast excellent performance even with those of all major manufacturers on the market.

Automac 55 Più also guarantees excellent packaging with each type of tray, regardless of the following parameters:

  • Material (expanded polystyrene trays, rigid, vegetable or compostable)
  • Shape and dimensions (small catering trays or large trays)
  • Colour (coloured or transparent trays)

To ensure maximum protection and preservation of the product, Automac 55 Più pays particular attention to closing the film under the tray: the outlet sealing tape has been designed to optimize the welding of the film without overheating either the tray or the product.

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Automac 55 Piu
up to 55 per 1 min