Waldyssa W 55 Piu

The model 55 Piu of Waldyssa is a robust machine, flexible and fast, allocated to the centres of packed of big dimension and hypermarkets where the quantities to pack are considerable and the utilisation of the machine is extreme.

The empaquetadora contributes more speed, as it is able to pack until 60 packages by minute. It keeps everything under control thanks to the monitor of liquid glasses. It is silent, thing that allows to guarantee conditions of better work. Likewise, it includes a new ready electronics equipment dealers equipment dealers for the teleasistencia.

99 programs guarantee an always perfect packaging of the most diverse products.

The wide coverage of the feeding of products, adjustable in height, allows the packaging of products until 200 mm of height. The expulsor with automatic regulation of height works of delicate and precise way. The model 55 Più carries monitor with simple indications for the operator and is prepared for the teleasistencia. It allows modular and extensible feedings until 7 m.

The machine allows any type of extensible film with thickness of 14 to 35 micras. It incorporates an installed power of 4.700 W and weighs 630 kg.

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W 55 Piu
up to 3300 bph
630 kg