Linco Complete poultry processing plant 1200 bph

Used in very good condition  complete poultry processing plant with capacity up to 1200 bph brand Linco, the line consist of:

1.Stunner year 2003

2.Bleeding trough year 2003

3.Head puller year 2003

4.Plucker rotorpick year 2003

5.Plucker beams year 1987

6.Scalder - 2 pass x 400cm year 2003

7.Feet cutter year 2003

8.Feet unloader v

9.Semi/automatic vent cutter Bayle year 2012

10.Gizzard defattener year 2003

11.Gizzards control table year 2003

12.Automatic Cropper year 2003

13.Automatic Neck breaker year 2003

14.Automatic final control year 2003

15.Overhead conveyor line (chain with trolleys, corner wheels, shackles, drive unit, tensioner)for killing/evisceration year 2003

16.Coooling trolleys: 27 pcs aluminium, 26 pcs galvanized year 2003

17.Cone deboning/cut up machine (20 cones) L=300cm year 2003

18.TOP LID vacuum tray machine type B-241, year 2010

19.TFE vacuum systems BV brand vacuum chamber air vacuum machine, year 2005

20.BIZER BA labeling station type GLE, year 2005

Optional: We can provide  Spin water chiller for 3,6 or 9m with diameter 1.6 or 2.1m


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Baader/ Linco
up to 1200 bph