Intestines / feathers separator


The offal, usually being pumped through an underground mains system, enters the machine at the inlet side. Inside the machine, the solid offal is lead through the screw drum. As a result of the rotating motion of the screw drum, the liquid offal is being forced to the outside. The liquid offal ends up in the collecting tray under the screw drum and can be led away to a receptive tank or a second mains system.
The screw drum transports the solid offal through and out of the machine to a receptive tank or an automatic conveyor system.

Technical specification:

  • Capacity up to 3000 bph, L-3500 mm, drum diameter Ø 640 mm
  • Capacity up to 5000 bph, L-4500 mm, drum diameter Ø 640 mm
  • Capacity up to 9000 bph, L-5500 mm, drum diameter Ø 800 mm

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