In line Plucker


In the plucking line, the birds pass through a series of plucking machines that are equipped with motor driven rotating discs, each operating a number of plucking fingers. The discs closely follow the contours of the bird and water spray removes the plucked feathers. Easy and simple adjustment in height and width, even during production, provide excellent plucking results. Efficiency and ease of use are key features of plucking equipment and their precision in operation provides optimum plucking results with an absolute minimum of incidental damage to the skin of the bird.

The plucking machines can be supplied with a fixed cabinet with either two or three rows of plucking discs on each side or with separate plucking banks which can be individually adjusted. Both series are available in various lengths.


  • US32: 2 x 8 discs per cabinet in total 384 plucking fingers
  • US40: 2 x 10 discs per cabinet in total 480 plucking fingers
  • US64: 2 x 16 discs per cabinet in total 768 plucking fingers
  • US96: 3 x 16 discs per cabinet in total 1152 plucking fingers


  • US32 up to 1300 birds per hour
  • US40 up to 1800 birds per hour
  • US64 up to 2500 birds per hour
  • US96 3000 birds per hour

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