SOLD CM2A drawers washer

Used in exellent condition washer for poultry drawers(2 sizes)brand CM2A, machine consists of:

A drawer pre-wash/washer consisting of :

  • Two prewash pumps using a pressure of 11 kW and 5.5 bar pressure
  • Two wash pumps using a pressure of 15 kW and 8.7 bar pressure
  • Two rotary filters
  • Two nozzle assemblies for prewash
  • Two nozzle assemblies for wash
  • Adjustable guides
  • One disinfection assembly at exit

Two reloaders for clean drawers (one for small drawers and one for large drawers) consisting of :

  • A plastic chain belt at drawer entry
  • One vertical lift at drawer entry with brake motor
  • A pneumatic drawer pusher

Drawer conveyors with plastic adjustable guides for switching between the two sizes of drawers:

Small drawer size:

  • Length: 1160 mm
  • Width: 765 mm
  • Height: 255 mm

Large drawer size:

  • Length: 1160 mm
  • Width: 1160 mm
  • Height: 255 mm

Machine capacity up to 500 dph

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Drawer washer
up to 500 dph