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Final control


The purpose of the final inspection machine is to remove the lungs from the bird.
The machine is driven by the suspended conveyor. The birds are guided through the
machine hanging vertically by the legs with their backs towards the centre of the machine.
The machine is fitted with guides to ensure that the bird is fixed into the machine.
A centring bracket ensures that the bird is positioned directly in front of the suction
nozzle. The suction nozzle is moved into the bird by the curve from underneath. Just
before the lowest point is reached, the suction nozzle is connected to a vacuum pipe.
The suction nozzle sucks the lungs and any remains of blood and innards out of the
bird’s cavity. The vacuum pipe is then disconnected and the suction nozzle is withdrawn
from the bird.
The bird then leaves the machine and is taken to the next machine in the eviscerating
line via the suspended conveyor.

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Final control
technical specifications
Weight: 500 kg
Direction: CCW / CW
Capacity:up to 6000 bph
Year: Build to order