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Gruppo Fabbri - TopLid

TopLid is the ultra compact tray-sealer by Gruppo Fabbri, known for its performance and simplicity of use. Fully automatic, it is particularly suitable for the packaging of food products in a protective atmosphere, particularly meat, thanks to the patented gas exchange system.
The compact size, high productivity and simplicity of use make this machine unique. The design of the punching tool has resulted in the extreme lightness of the components, making the format change accessible to everyone. TopLid can be used both in supermarket departments and large and medium-sized packaging centres.

  • Maximum tray size (L x W x H mm) 280 x 365 x 100.
  • Minimum tray format: (L x W x H mm) 110 x 120 x 20.
  • Pp to 40 trays/minute in the 4-print 1,6 4 15 set up.
  • Up to 15 cycles/minute of maximum speed

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Gruppo Fabbri - TopLid
technical specifications
Weight: 615 kg
Brand: Gruppo Fabbri
Capacity:up to 2400 bph
Type: TopLid
Year: 2017
Gruppo Fabbri - TopLid Gruppo Fabbri - TopLid Gruppo Fabbri - TopLid Gruppo Fabbri - TopLid Gruppo Fabbri - TopLid